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Honor someone you love by making a donation to Behind the Book in his or her name. Your gift of $15 or more will help us bring books and authors into high need schools in NYC.

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Donation Categories

•  $15 buys books for one student

Every book a student reads through our program is his or hers to keep. Book ownership helps students identify as readers and it can be the start of a home library – for them, siblings, and parents. Whenever available, we opt for hardcover books which can last for generations. On the checkout page, you can choose to donate books for as many students as you like by using the drop down menu to the right of the description.

•  $50 buys art supplies for an elementary classroom

Our elementary school programs include an art component that compliments and reinforces the reading and writing experiences. For example, a class reading Sit In by Andrea Pinkney had an art workshop where they learned to paint washes as backgrounds for watercolor and pencil illustrations with the illustrator Brian Pinkney. After the workshop is done, the art supplies stay in the classroom, so that the students can continue to create art for the rest of the year.

•  $100 buys a set of books for a classroom library

In addition to giving students books to take home, we also donate books to the classroom library. Classroom library books ensure that our students have access to books by the author they met and the topic they studied with us, as well as other age appropriate books we recommend.

•  $250 buys a Behind the Book program for one student

This includes books, three author workshops, a field trip, and art supplies. Give a student the full Behind the Book experience!

•  $500 buys a mobile library cart for a school without a library

Countless reports have found that a community’s access to books is highly correlated to literacy rates. Despite this many public schools do not have libraries (including about half the schools we work in). So, this year, we’ve started a new initiative: Behind the Book Mobile Libraries. These are library carts that Behind the Book will fill with books we recommend. The carts are free to travel around the school, making stops in different classrooms for students.

•  $1000 buys an author workshop for 30 students in a classroom

Bring a published author into a classroom! Your donation will cover the cost of the author workshop and all supplies - including books, art supplies, curriculum development and teacher support - needed for a class of 30 students.


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